Traffic Stop Leads to Discovery of Drugs and a Firearm; Driver Arrested

The driver of a vehicle stopped for a traffic violation Monday evening is now in the Charlotte County Jail after deputies discovered he was carrying a concealed weapon without a license and was also in possession of illegal drugs.

Ryan Tibor Suta

Ryan Tibor Suta (12/19/81) of North Port, was stopped at 11:30pm Monday evening for a stop sign violation near Harbor Blvd and Burkhart Drive in Port Charlotte. As the deputy was speaking to Suta, he observed the odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. The deputy requested Suta step out of the vehicle and as he did, deputies observed a large bulge in his front pocket. The deputy requested to search Suta’s pockets, and Suta refused. Suta then stated that he had a gun, which deputies located in his front pocket. A check of Ryan Suta’s information showed that he did not have a concealed weapons permit, making it illegal for him to carry the firearm in that manner.

1806-015030_PIC_ (3)

During a search of Ryan Suta after his arrest (concealed weapon violation) a hypodermic needle was found in his pocket, accompanied by a white pill folded into a business card. The pill was identified as Methadone, which requires a prescription to possess.

1806-015030_PIC_ (2)

Ryan Suta then advised deputies that there was a small amount of marijuana in the center console of the vehicle. Deputies did locate a small pill bottle, observed to contain approximately 1.3 grams of marijuana. During a further check of the vehicle, deputies located a larger amount of marijuana under the driver’s seat – two ziploc bags containing almost 200 grams.

Ryan Suta was charged with Possession of a Concealed Weapon, Possession of Marijuana (Over 20 grams), Possession of a Controlled Substance (Methadone), Possession of a Firearm while Committing a Felony, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. He is held on no bond at the Charlotte County Jail.

Katie Heck
Public Information Officer
Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office

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