Retail Theft Suspects Arrested After Fleeing from Deputies

Deputies responded to the new Wawa in Port Charlotte on Sunday evening, after the employee called to report the theft of three cases of beer. The manager advised the deputies that a customer alerted him to two males who removed the beer cases and fled out the back door of the business. The manager went to the back door and observed the two male suspects entering a white Ford F-150, which then departed the parking lot. Another regular customer of the business was in the parking lot at the time of the incident and was able to provide a statement.

Manning, Joshua
Joshua Manning

The manager was able to obtain the tag number, which deputies used to identity the registered owner of the truck. A deputy responded to the registered owners address of 2416 Starlite Lane and observed the truck backed into the driveway at that location. As the deputy turned his vehicle around, the truck exited the driveway and drove away at a high rate of speed, running several stop signs to make a circle around the block – away from the deputy who had activated his overhead lights and siren. The truck pulled back into the residence at Starlite, at which time the passenger of the vehicle exited quickly and fled inside the residence.

Manning, David
David Manning

The driver of the vehicle was identified as Joshua Manning (8/21/92). Joshua advised the passenger who fled into the residence was his brother and registered owner of the truck, David Manning (3/31/88). During the investigation in the front yard, David Manning exited the residence and made contact with the deputies outside. Both suspects were uncooperative. The witness from Wawa was transported to the scene, and positively identified Joshua and David as the subjects he observed steal the beer.

The cases of beer were ultimately located in the carport storage room, after they were discovered by a third resident of the property who was checking to see why the interior light was on.

David Manning was arrested and charged with Petit Theft and Violation of Probation. Joshua Manning was charged with Petit Theft and Fleeing to Elude. Both were transported to the Charlotte County Jail. The cases of beer were returned to Wawa.

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