New Equipment at the Charlotte County Jail Scans Incoming Arrests for Contraband During the Intake Process

The RadPro SecurPass

The Charlotte County Jail has a new tool to help prevent the introduction of drugs and other contraband – the RadPro SecurPass, which uses transmission imaging to conduct a virtual body scan.

The machine works somewhat like a scanner at the airport. The inmate stands on a platform that moves side-to-side through a scanning device, and a deputy on a nearby computer can see the scans. With training, the deputy can pick out items that should not be there.

“Incoming inmates frequently attempt to smuggle contraband into the jail,” stated Major Michael Anderson, the Commander of the Corrections Bureau. “Previously, a minor amount of drugs hidden in a body cavity would likely be undetectable by our staff. With the introduction of the SecurPass, we can see the drugs inside the person without a cavity search.”

Suspects being booked into the jail will still be patted down and walk through a metal detector, but now they will also slide through the SecurPass device.

Drugs located on Ashley Stanton during the booking process. 

The SecurPass device went live on Wednesday evening, and already led to large contraband seizure on Thursday morning. Incoming inmate Ashley Stanton (9/23/88), arrested on a Burglary/Battery charge, entered the jail at approximately midnight. Learning of the new body scan procedures, she objected, citing medical reasons. Stanton was then placed in a special cell for monitoring, under the suspicion she was concealing contraband. Stanton then soiled herself, requiring a shower. During the shower process Stanton was found trying to conceal several baggies of cocaine and suspected flakka in her soiled clothes. It is believed that Stanton concealed the bags inside her body, wrapping an ace bandage tightly around her upper thigh/groin area to assist in concealment. Stanton is now facing additional felony charges for the introduction of contraband to a correctional facility.

An inmate is scanned during the intake process. 

In total, almost 44 grams of cocaine and suspected flakka was stopped from entering the jail during this one incident. These drugs could lead to overdoses inside the facility, making the SecurePass an invaluable tool in inmate safety.

Deputies can also run inmate’s mattresses, linens, shoes, and other items through the scanner, increasing search capabilities.

“These body scanners are a great tool, and will help ensure our inmates and employees are kept safe by greatly reducing the amount of weapons and contraband brought into our jail,” stated Major Anderson. “Our message to criminals arrested in Charlotte County is to tell their arresting officer about any contraband they are concealing before entering the jail, because we will find it”.

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