Preventing Overdose Through Safe Disposal of Medications and Seeking Help for Addiction

As International Overdose Awareness Day approaches, it is important to remember that prevention is a critical element to reduce addiction and overdose. Safely disposing of unused medications is one prevention step we all can take. Drug Free Charlotte County has “DisposalRx” medication disposal pouches available, at no cost, to residents in our county. These pouches provide an environmentally safe way to dispose of expired or unused prescription pills at home. To receive safe disposal pouches, call 941-777-3945 or email:

Do your part for a safe community and a clean environment!

Monitor pills, keep track of refills, and control access. Most people who abuse prescriptions get them from family and friends.
Secure pills well, preferably in a locked cabinet. Reduce drug abuse, curb theft, and prevent overdose and accidental poisoning.
Dispose of unused medications at the permanent disposal sites. Flushing medications down the toilet or throwing them in the trash may be hazardous to people and animals.
Take only medications prescribed to you, as directed by your physician. It is illegal to sell, give away, or otherwise share a prescription with others, including family members.
Talk to your teens about the dangers of abusing prescription drugs. Parents are the biggest influence in their teens’ life.
Learn more about ways you can help – visit

You can also safely dispose of unused over-the-counter and prescription medications at any of the four permanent prescription drug disposal sites in Charlotte County:

The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office is also working to eliminate drug addiction in our community through the Drug Recovery Initiative. Drugs have a major impact on crime and we know that we can not arrest our way out of the drug crisis. Sheriff Bill Prummell recognizes that addiction is a disease and those suffering in our community need help. Those seeking assistance can bring their user amount of drugs to any district office or call deputies to their location. Through a partnership with Charlotte Behavioral Health Care​, deputies will bring that person to detox free of charge, without fear of arrest.

Please help us spread the word. Help is just a call away. Together, we are making a difference.

Contributors this this blog:
Diane Ramseyer, Executive Director, Drug Free Charlotte County
Katie Heck, Public Information Officer, Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office


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