White Van Speaker Scam

Over the last several weeks, there have been several reports of suspicious activity in the retail areas of Charlotte County, most notably the Murdock section. There have been reports of this in the Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot, and other big box store parking lots. The reports concern a white van with people selling electronic items and speakers from the van.

This is referred to as the “White Van Speaker Scam.”

Even though, “Buyer Beware” is a philosophy, what most of these shysters are doing is not only a con, it is most likely illegal. The scam is that two “handymen, or installers”, have completed installation jobs and have extra home theater speakers, surround sound, or projectors that they are willing to sell. They explain the goods are worth $1500-$2000 however they are really worth only $300-$400 in value. They meet their unsuspecting buyers while driving through parking lots, normally in white vans.

They are normally selling these goods without certification or permission from county licensing. The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office urges you to exercise good judgement in dealing with people like this and to call our non-emergency number (941-639-0013) to report suspicious activity.


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  1. I was approached by the “white van” on July 3, 2018. I reported the incident to your department. If you would like the tag number of the vehicle, I still have it.

  2. This scam is also occurring in Allentown, Pa. the suspects were driving a silver Chevrolet Suburban with Colorado license plates. One of the suspects was wearing a jacket from an Orlando electronics company. The truck was loaded with numerous Projection TV’s as well as boxes of surround sound equipment. Allentown Police has the license plate number but the suspects were not apprehended. They were last seen in the Home Depot parking lot on the south side of the city within the last week.

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