Burglar Redeems Stolen Lotto Tickets, Wins Trip to Jail

A burglary suspect is in jail today, after he was caught on Wednesday redeeming lottery tickets stolen during a burglary earlier in the week. Joseph Allen Dillow (9/14/78), of Sarasota, is now charged with Burglary, Grand Theft, and Dealing in Stolen Property.

Charlotte County deputies responded Monday morning to the Orin Little Convenience Store on Harbor Blvd, after business owners in the complex began arriving and observed their power breaker was turned off. Forced entry was observed to doors leading to a business hallway and to the convenience store. Items stolen from the store included cash, coins, $9,000 in Lottery scratch off tickets, and 60-70 cartons of cigarettes.

Video from 7-11

On Tuesday, investigators were able to determine that some of the stolen scratch off tickets were being cashed at convenience stores in the same area as the burglary. Surveillance video was obtained from the 7-11 store of the suspect cashing one of the stolen tickets. Staff at the area convenience stores were made aware of the theft and suspect description.

On Wednesday morning, deputies were notified that the suspect was back at the Irish Market on Tamiami Trail, attempting to cash two inactive lottery tickets. Detectives responded and identified the suspect as Joseph Dillow.

Joseph Dillow (9/14/78)

Joseph Dillow provided a statement to Detectives and was then placed under arrest arrest. The investigation is still ongoing into the location of the stolen property. If you have information on this crime, please contact CCSO (941-639-0013) or Southwest Florida Crime Stoppers (1-800-780-TIPS).


Katie Heck
Public Information Officer
Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office


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  1. This is not my husband they ate holding the wrong guy in jail my husband joe dillow has made mistakes in life and is innocent my husband and i stayed all night at the knights in dec 9th till the 10th and on the 10 th was at the coastal doctors office in murdock monday at the same time this video was taken we have 4 kids and 2 grandchildren who are missing out on our first whole family being together for christmas after 12 years my our children are now waiting to testify in there fathers innocence my husband is being held and judged on his past not his hard work of making a better life for his family hes a hard worker and a great husband and father and grandfather so unfair hes being punished for someone elses bullcrap

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