Managing Holiday Stress; Resources for Help

The holiday season can elicit feelings of anxiety and/or depression due to an increase of the expectations and levels of stress that are associated with the season.  There are steps one can take to manage anxiety and depression during the holidays:

  • Spend time with supportive, caring people.  Try not to isolate yourself.  
  • Set boundaries with family and limit exposure to unhealthy family dynamics.
  • Eat and drink in moderation.  Avoid alcohol if you’re feeling down, alcohol is a depressant which will increase feelings of sadness.
  • Try not to take on more responsibilities than you can handle. Remember: it is okay to say “no”. 
  • Get exercise – even if it’s only a short walk.
  • Make a budget and try not to overextend yourself financially in buying presents.
  • Ask for help! You don’t have to do everything on your own.
  • Be mindful of yourself and take time to breathe and relax.  
  • Remember: The holiday season is temporary.  If these feelings persist longer, reach out to local mental health agency.  

The non-emergency number to the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office is 941-639-0013. The number is answered 24/7 by a friendly dispatcher who can send assistance. You can also contact Charlotte Behavioral Health for crisis services at 941-575-0222.

Guest Blogger:
Kelly Decker, Clinican
CCSO Mental Health Unit

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  1. “Ask for help! You don’t have to do everything on your own.”- Totally agree! Holiday stress is inevitable. To make it less stressful, asking someones help is the best thing to do. Holidays are for family. And family helps one another. These tips are really helpful. Thanks for sharing.

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