Punta Gorda Chamber of Commerce Raises Funds for Sheriff’s Addiction Recovery Initiative; Drug Prevention

The Punta Gorda Chamber of Commerce presented a check today to the The ARCHway Institute for use as scholarship funds for the Sheriff’s Addiction Recovery Initiative, a partnership with Charlotte Behavioral Health Care.

Dan and Jan Stuckey (of ARCHway) spoke at this week’s Punta Gorda Chamber meeting, along with Chrissie Salazar from Drug Free Punta Gorda. The chamber members were so moved by the presentation they raised almost $2,000 in the name of recovery during the meeting!

In addition to the $1,500 presented today for the recovery scholarships, ARCHway is providing a $500 grant to Drug Free Punta Gorda for education and prevention programs.

We are grateful for all of our community partners who work with us to make Charlotte County a healthy and safe place to call home.

<L-R in photo: Sheriff Bill Prummell; Nicole Liberto, CBHC Recovery Center Director; Victoria Scanlon, LMHC, CBHC CEO; Dan Stuckey, The Archway Institute Board Chairman; Jan Stuckey, The Archway Institute Fundraising Committee & Secretary; Melanie Markel, Punta Gorda Chamber of Commerce Board Chair; John Wright, Punta Gorda Chamber of Commerce Board President>

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