Disturbance Call Leads to Narcotics Investigation and Search Warrant; Multiple Suspects Arrested

Deputies with the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office responded to a disturbance on Sunday, February 10. The investigation led to the discovery of narcotics in the residence, ultimately leading to a search warrant by detectives with the Narcotics Unit and multiple drug charges on the five subjects present at the home.

Deputies responded to 3665 Brooklyn Avenue in Port Charlotte after a 911 call reporting a male was out of control inside the home and was possibly having a “diabetic attack.” When the first deputy arrived he observed two subjects in the driveway, later identified as Jessica Vandegaart and Russell Gerow. Vandergaart was observed to be shaking and holding a large garbage bag and large duffel bag up to her chest. Gerow advised deputies he was having some type of diabetic emergency.

Russell Gerow was observed holding a small pouch bag, which he advised contained his insulin. Deputies checked the bag and did locate insulin and multiple syringes. A test of liquid still in a used syringe yielded positive results for the presence of opiates. A clear baggie and several pills were also observed on the ground near Gerow’s feet. In total, 6.7 grams of methamphetamine, .8 grams of fentanyl, and .4 grams of unidentified crushed pills were located at Gerow’s feet upon his contact with the deputies.

Charlotte County EMS checked Gerow’s blood sugar and advised it was within normal limits, however Gerow requested to be transported to the hospital. The deputies on scene spoke to Vandegaart about her nervous behavior, and asked about the contents of the bags. Vandegaart consented for the deputy to search her but denied permission to search the bags, stating that they belonged to Gerow, and handed them to the deputy, requesting they be sent with Gerow to the hospital. Two used syringes were located in Vandegaart’s pocket, as well as a water bottle cap containing white residue which tested positive for opiates.

When the deputy approached Russell Gerow with the bags, Gerow stated to the deputy “The bags are not mine, and whatever is inside them, there is a lot more in the residence.” Inside the duffel bag were approximately 100 THC cartridge pens in various flavors. Hydrocodone, Amphetamine, and Oxycodone pills were also inside the bag.

Deputies made contact with the owner of the residence, Linda Robinson, who immediately advised that a search warrant would be required to enter the home. A protective sweep of the residence was made at which time two more subjects (Shawn Sadoski and Alexis Robinson) were located. While removing everyone from the residence to await a search warrant, numerous open pill bottles were observed in the room identified as belonging to Alexis. US Currency was observed to be bundled with rubber bands in the same manner as the THC cartridge pens from the duffel bag.

Members of the CCSO Narcotics Unit responded to continue the investigation. Probable cause was established for a search warrant after statements were obtained from the subjects involved. The detectives located additional drugs throughout the residence, including methamphetamine, cocaine, THC vaping cartridges, Alprazolam, Hydromorphone Hydrochloride and marijuana. Additionally, smoking pipes, digital scales, and other drug paraphernalia was observed in several bedrooms and the bathroom.

At the conclusion of the search warrant, the subjects on scene faced the charges listed below, based on their statements and evidence collected within the home. Gerow and Sadoski were transported for requested medical treatment and have not been arrested on their charges at this time.

  1. Jessica Vandegaart (2/26/92)
    1. Trafficking Oxycodone
    2. Trafficking Amphetamine
    3. Possession of Hydromorphone
    4. Possession of Hydrocodone
    5. Possession of THC oil ( 93 cartridges)
    6. Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
  2. Russell Gerow (11/14/85)
    1. Possession of Methamphetamine
    2. Possession of Fentanyl
    3. Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
  3. Alexis Robinson (7/14/95)
    1. Possession of Alprazolam
    2. Possession of Hydromorphone
    3. Possession of Cannabis less than 20g
    4. Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
  4.  Shawn Sadoski (9/20/77)
    1. Possession of Cocaine
    2. Possession of THC oil
    3. Possession of Methamphetamine
    4. Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
  5.  Linda Robinson (6/14/75)
    1. Possession of Methamphetamine
    2. Possession of Cocaine
    3. Possession of THC oil
    4. Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

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