Suspect Arrested for Sex Offenses Faces Deportation

A suspect arrested on Friday for Lewd and Lascivious Molestation and Distributing Obscene Material to a Minor could now face deportation after an Immigration Detainer was filed Saturday by the Department of Homeland Security. Bulmaro Zarate (DOB 7/20/83) is currently in custody at the Charlotte County Jail. During his processing, a check through federal databases indicated that Zarate lacks an immigration status.

Bulmato Zarate was arrested on March 15, 2019, by detectives with the Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes Unit after deputies responded to a call reporting lewd and lascivious crimes to a minor child under the age of 12. The victim advised that Zarate had inappropriately touched the victim’s sexual organs during several encounters over an undetermined period of time. Additionally, Zarate was accused of watching pornographic YouTube videos with the victim. Detectives developed probable cause for the charges based on statements obtained from the victim and victim’s family members, a controlled phone call, and physical evidence obtained in the investigation.

Bulmaro Zarate will remain in custody pending resolution of his current charges. Upon conclusion of his case, US Immigration and Custom’s Enforcement will take immediate custody or utilize the Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) it has with Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office to house him for up to 48 hours pending transfer.

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  1. The word “could” should be “will” be deported. And why does You Tube have these awful video’s on their site?

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