Juvenile Unit Seeks Investigative Aides for Underage Alcohol and Tobacco Sale Checks

Members of the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office Juvenile Unit frequently team up for enforcement sweeps targeting the sale of alcohol and tobacco to minors within the county. These checks are done utilizing Investigative Aides who are under the legal age to purchase tobacco and/or alcohol. The Juvenile Unit is in need of volunteers to serve as investigative aides to continue their enforcement efforts.

Investigative Aides must be between 15 and 19 years of age and possess a valid State of Florida ID card or Driver’s License. Aides are not permitted to make attempts to appear older than their age, and are required to respond truthfully to any inquiry about their age, including providing their identification. These transactions are completed under the direct supervision of deputies involved in the compliance check.

If under the age of 18, parent permission to participate is also required.

If you or your child is interested in volunteering for our Investigative Aide program, please contact Sergeant Michael Marsh at mmarsh@ccsofl.net or 941-258-3900.

The goal of this enforcement is to curb the illegal sale of alcohol and tobacco to minors, and encourage proper checks of identification. The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office will continue to work constructively with retail establishments where violations occur to ensure that employees are educated regarding Florida law. Sheriff Bill Prummell urges all individuals to report the illegal sale of alcohol and tobacco to law enforcement.

Report violations to the Sheriff’s Office at (941) 639-2101 or submit a tip through our mobile app.

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