High School Student Arrested After Drawing Pictures Depicting Violence on a Teacher

A student at Port Charlotte High School was arrested on Wednesday after pictures he drew were posted to an Instagram account and observed by school staff. Eric Eastman (9/20/00) was removed from school and arrested on the charge of Sending a Written Threat to Kill after an investigation determined he was the illustrator of the drawings.

Two versions of the drawings were posted to a Port Charlotte High School Instagram account which is not managed by the school staff. The first version of the drawing shows a man with a headset on his head and a gun in his right hand pointed at another man’s head. The other man also has a gun in his hand pointed at what appears to be the side of a boy’s head. The second version of the same picture shows the same drawings, but the guns have been switched out for a phone and a referral.

A word bubble above the drawing stated, “Sorry (victim name redacted), the gaming community will not let you oppress another minority”. The person named in the word bubble is a teacher at Port Charlotte High School. The School Resource Officer obtained a statement from Eric Eastman regarding the drawings prior to his arrest.

During the investigation it was learned that Eastman was also in possession of several firearms at his residence. The firearms were confiscated by deputies pending the outcome of a Risk Protection Order hearing. Eastman was trespassed from all county school properties.

Students in Charlotte County are reminded that both the Sheriff’s Office and School District take disruptions of the learning environment seriously, especially those that include threats to teachers or other students. If you have information on someone who is threatening the safety of a school campus you can submit a tip anonymously through our mobile app or call in to speak to a deputy at 941-639-0013.

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  1. Glad they avoid a terrible outcome. To bad my daughter was assaulted at pmcs and deputy took report because we want to file charges still waiting on report number. Had welts on back of her head girl was suspended my daughter didn’t fight back . But again still no police report number this incident happened back in March. Guess it got lost in the mail.

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