Red Dot Program Provides First Responders with Medical Information During Emergencies; Registration is Free

The Red Dot Program is a medical alert program that allows 911 personnel and first responders to access important medical and emergency contact information for participating members.When Firefighters, Paramedics, or Law Enforcement arrive at your home to provide emergency care, they may ask you and/or your family members the questions below.

  • What is your Medical History?
  • What Medications do you take? Amount or dose? When?
  • Do you have any Allergies?
  • Do you have a DNRO, (Do Not Resuscitate Order) or Advanced Directives?
  • Who are your emergency contacts?

These questions may be hard to answer during a stressful situation, but emergency responders need this important information to care for you as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Charlotte County Fire & EMS, Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office, Punta Gorda Fire and Police Departments and the Englewood Area Fire Control District recognize this problem and that’s why the Red Dot Medical Information Program was created.This quick and easy Red Dot Medical Information Form​ is filled out before an emergency occurs. Registration is free!


The top section of the form is stored in a red magnetic holder which is placed on the front of your refrigerator. The bottom copy of the form is mailed to the E911 office in the self-addressed envelope. The 2-inch self-adhesive RED DOT sticker is placed on the exterior of your entry door, just above the doorknob.Upon receipt of your Red Dot form, the E911 Staff will enter your information into the 911 computers. At the time of your emergency, 911 dispatchers will provide the emergency responders your important information while responders are on their way to your home.This Red Dot adhesive sticker, along with the dispatcher’s notes, alerts emergency responders that there is a Red Dot Medical Information Form on your refrigerator. Should your condition require hospital care, the Red Dot information form is transported with you to the hospital and copies are provided for the emergency room staff. **Remember to get a new packet before you leave the hospital!**

Packets can be obtained at the following locations:

If you are unable to travel to the above listed locations, or have additional questions, please contact the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office E911 Office at 941-639-2101 or Charlotte County Fire & EMS at 941-833-5600.

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