Cold Case Detectives Announce New Developments in 1990 Homicide Investigation of Sharon Gill

Cold Case Detectives at the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office continue to seek justice for Sharon Gill, the victim of an unsolved homicide that occurred in Deep Creek in 1990.

An update was posted in June of this year after a tip was received regarding this case. You can read that update by clicking here.

The Cold Case team announced on Wednesday that after a detailed examination of this case, further information has surfaced that has prompted the team to shift focus from previous suspect Shawn Malsky and examine other individuals. Shawn Malsky was originally arrested for this crime (the charges were later dropped), however detectives state that until a person has been charged and convicted, all potential suspects remain potential suspects.

In an additional update to the investigation, evidence collected from the scene was submitted for additional DNA examination, as the technology for such evaluations continues to improve. As a result of the new testing, a previously undiscovered DNA profile was developed. Additional testing is still required to determine how this new DNA profile may assist in solving this case.

As a reminder, our Cold Case detectives are always seeking information on their cases. This includes memories of not only the specific incident, but also of the people involved and who they may have associate with. Even a rumor can contain information that can solve a crime.

Need to reach a detective with the Cold Case team? During business hours, please call 941-575-5361; after hours 941-639-2101. They can also be reached by email at or through the Submit a Tip function on our Mobile App.

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  1. Cold case is one of the hardest jobs in police work after 48 hours it very hard to capture and convince a suspect if ever caught.

    Great job to the Charlotte County Sheriffs Office for not forgetting the victim and her family!

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