Operation Hallowed Streets

The Florida Sheriff’s Task Force, to include the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office, will be conducting “Operation Hallowed Streets”,  from October 29-31, 2019. This operation is a statewide initiative to determine the compliance level of sexual offenders and predators.

The goal of the Florida Sheriff’s Association is to verify the listed addresses of registered sexual offenders and predators, identify those not in compliance with state law and to take appropriate action on those not in compliance. This action will be a coordinated effort with other participating counties to determine compliance levels of sexual offenders and predators.

Sheriff Bill Prummell, the FSA Chair of the Task Force states, “The safety of our children in our communities is of paramount importance. This operation is a proactive campaign and public awareness effort to ensure the safety of those engaged in Halloween activities throughout the State of Florida”

The presence, the enforcement and the education efforts of this operation will ultimately create a safe environment for our children and will protect the citizens and visitors of our counties through this coordination of multiple law enforcement agencies.

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