Convicted felon in custody after targeted shooting

Dispatch received a call at 10:53 am reporting a shooting in the residential area of Conway Blvd, west of Tamiami Trail. Within 30 minutes the suspect was in custody.

Aaron Simmons (dob 2/16/99) who is a convicted felon and on house arrest, was reported to have shot multiple times into an unoccupied motor vehicle and then fled the scene. Witnesses reported seeing him run through backyards of the neighborhood towards 41. Deputies thoroughly searched the area speaking to home and business owners. It was then that they were informed that someone matching his description was seen getting into a blue truck after he had asked for a ride.

The driver of the blue truck is not involved in the incident and did not know the man personally. Deputies scoured the area for the vehicle and it was located successfully. Simmons was taken into custody during a felony traffic stop of the blue truck in question.

The weapon was recovered within the same neighborhood where the targeted shooting occurred.

“We will make it clear that the illegal possession of firearms to commit crimes will not be tolerated in Charlotte County,” states Sheriff Bill Prummell.

Charges pending.

If you have any information on suspicious activity in your area, call the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office at 941-639-0013 or submit an anonymous tip on our mobile app.

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