Man uses Hammer and Knife, Attempting to Kill Woman

After a frantic 911 call to dispatch, deputies arrived at a Punta Gorda home were a man was attempting to harm a woman. The victim was able to get out of the house in time with minor injuries.

When deputies arrived to the Punta Gorda home, the front door was wide open. After verbal commands for anyone in the house to come to the front door, Vozar F Vozar (01-01-1945) emerged and pushed an elderly woman outside and slammed the door shut behind her. Verbal commands continued while Vozar responded multiple times that “the door is open, you come in,” then again slammed the door.

John F. Vozar

Vozar could be seen through the front window with no visible sign of weapons. After a establishing an entry plan, deputies entered through the unlocked front door and detained the suspect without incident.

Vozar stated “I’m telling you I was going to kill her, ” and added that he wanted to do it with a knife.

The victim was hiding in a bathroom after returning home and being confronted by an agitated Vozar. Vozar then attempted to break into the bathroom door using a knife as well as a hammer that was retrieved from the garage leaving a large hole in the door. The victim was being attacked through the large hole as the victim was holding the door shut. The weapons eventually fell through onto the bathroom floor. Vozar retreived a second hammer from the garage and proceeded his attempt to get inside the bathroom.

Eventually Vozar was able to grab the victims hair through the hole, which caused the phone connected to 9-1-1 to fall onto the ground where Vozar smashed it with a hammer. Vozar was able to enter into the bathroom, attacking the victim until she was able to break free and run to a neighbor for help.

Vozar was arrested and taken to the Charlotte County Jail charged with:


If you believe you are a victim of domestic violence in any way, please call your local law enforcement. Our non-emergency number is 941-639-0013. (Dial 911 for emergencies).

You can also contact C.A.R.E. at 941-627-6000. An advocate is available to speak to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please, also click safety planning for a customized plan for safety.

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