Sharon Gill, 30 years later and still seeking justice

Cold Case Detectives at the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office continue to seek justice for Sharon Gill, the victim of an unsolved homicide that occurred in Deep Creek in 1990.

The 30th anniversary of the murder of Sharon Gill, and the Cold Case Team continues their investigation. Sharon was murdered in her home in Deep Creek on March 21, 1990. This case has been challenging since the beginning.

The Cold Case Team has focused on this case for the last several months. Several different people are included on the list of potential suspects for a variety of reasons. Of course, some subjects are of more interest than others. The team has placed those possible suspects in an order that is most logical based on the old information and new information developed through the current cold case examination.

So far, we have eliminated a few of these potential suspects. This was accomplished through timelines, alibis, interviews, evidence and polygraph examinations. Keep in mind, most of the time we do not clear a potential suspect completely until the actual perpetrator is positively identified. There are exceptions. Those that have been “cleared” so far have cooperated with the investigators, provided DNA samples and passed polygraph examinations.

We have high confidence in our polygraph examinations because of the experienced examiner. Our own Cold Case Detective Mike Vogel is the polygraph examiner. Mike’s long successful career as an examiner and polygraph supervisor with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (N.C.I.S.) is an invaluable asset to our team.

As always, we ask anyone with information concerning Sharon’s death or any other case to please contact us.

Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office non-emergency number: 941-639-0013

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