Armed Convicted Felon flees on foot after traffic stop in Charlotte Harbor

Charlotte County, FL-

William E. Woodbury Jr., well-known to Charlotte County deputies, was observed operating a motorcycle in the area of Kings Highway and Harborview Road on Sunday. Woodbury has had many interactions with law enforcement dating back to 2005. Most frequently, Woodbury fled from deputies in July when he was observed driving a stolen truck without a valid license, showing several suspensions over the past few years.

William E. Woodbury Jr.

Due to Woodbury’s history of fleeing from law enforcement, and the fact the license plate was obstructed and could not be confirmed, deputies approached Woodbury on foot in the left turn lane on King Highway onto South Tamiami Trail.

The deputy approached Woodbury in a way so he was visible. Woodbury was distraught at the presence of the deputy but ultimately complied with commands to turn off the motorcycle. The deputy advised Woodbury that he was aware his license was not valid and does not have an endorsement to operate a motorcycle. Woodbury was then instructed to sit on the raised median that was beside him.

Woodbury took a glance around and sprinted across the two lanes of opposing traffic towards Schoolhouse Square. The foot pursuit lasted roughly 300 yards as deputies continued to shout commands. Woodbury continued to flee until he became winded and surrendered to deputies. Woodbury was hyperventilating and was provided a Gatorade to calm his nerves.

Throughout the search, deputies located several items in the pockets of his pants, including a loaded RG23 .22 caliber revolver, a large baggie of methamphetamine, a smaller baggie of heroin/fentanyl mix, and a black scale coated in a crystal substance that had been clearly used to weigh narcotics.

Throughout the investigation, deputies discovered the motorcycle was last registered in 2018 to a resident in Naples, Florida. The tag that was attached to the motorcycle was not registered to any vehicle.

William E. Woodbury was arrested on the following charges:

  • Knowingly Driving While License Suspended or Revoked
  • Resisting Officer Without Violence
  • Amphetamine – Trafficking More Than 14 Grams
  • Possession of Firearm Ammunition or Weapon by Florida Convicted Felon
  • Drug Paraphernalia – Possession or Use Of
  • Fail to Have Required Endorsement on DL
  • Possess Cntrl Sub WO Prescription
  • Using a Firearm While Committing Felony

Woodbury was transported to the Charlotte County Jail where he remains today.

If you have any information on local drug activity, please contact the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office at 941-639-0013.

Additionally, if you or a loved one suffers from addiction, help is available through our Sheriff’s Drug Addiction Recovery Initiative sending those seeking help, to rehab for free. For more information, please call CCSO at 941-639-2101.

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