Prepared for everything, Except Law Enforcement

Charlotte County, FL-

While patrolling in the area of Kings Hwy & I-75 on August 4th,  deputies observed a blue Chevy pick-up truck traveling at a high rate of speed. Deputies conducted a traffic stop and made contact with the driver of the truck, identified as Chad Wilson (3-23-1983).

Wilson possessed a medical marijuana card, however he was utilizing a Trulieve Vape Pen that was loaded with THC. This product was also not packed in its proper packaging from the distributor as required. 

As Wilson exited his vehicle, deputies noticed pieces of marijuana scattered all over his shirt. This was also a violation as the marijuana was not inside its proper container and Wilson was not able to provide one.  As the stop progressed, K9 Shadow was additionally used for a free air sniff of the vehicle. Wilson advised that there was no additional marijuana inside the vehicle.

During a search of the vehicle, 2 large boxes and a red WAWA shopping bag was located.   Inside the red bag, deputies located over $23,000 dollars in US currency, banded in denominations of $1000.   The money was covered in residual of marijuana and was accompanied by a 1-pound vacuumed sealed bag of marijuana.   As the search continued, deputies reviewed the contents of the cardboard boxes and located 10 sealed cans of “emergency food supply”.  These cans were later opened, and each contained approximately ½ pound of marijuana.  In the second box,  100 Lion’s Breath OG – 41.30% – 46.02 THC% CBD 0% (Vials) were located. These vials contain pure THC and also require a prescription for issuance.


The total amount items seized was:  5.9 Pounds marijuana, 100 vape cartridges, and over $23,000 dollars in US currency.  Chad Wilson was arrested and charged with:

  • 2 counts of Marijuana – Possess with Intent to Sell
  • Drug Paraphernalia – Possession or Use Of

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