Back to School in Charlotte County

From the Desk of Sheriff Prummell

Whether you are learning or teaching at a brick-and-mortar school, virtual learning, or tackling the world of homeschool, I hope your first week back was met with eager students, smiling eyes, and a return to some normalcy.

We must be patient during this time as administration, teachers and students all get used to the latest school routines. School Resource Officers were eager to get back into the classrooms to see all of the students and have already begun teaching their curriculum.

The curriculum taught is designed to introduce topical material by age and grade level. The curriculum is thorough and varies in topics. SRO’s are teaching everything from Bike Safety and Bullying, to Human Trafficking and Internet Safety. Our goal is to familiarize the students on topics to keep them safe, but also build lasting relationships with the youth in our community. It is important for the students to understand that law enforcement is there to protect and serve and their SRO is someone they can trust and rely on.

DFC Morales in a classroom at Kingsway Elementary School

Along with School Resource Officers, the Traffic Unit has been diligently patrolling school zones to ensure the safety of all, reminding those traveling in the area to drive safely and without distractions. This is especially important during parent drop-off and pick-up times.  There have been some changes and as usual, it will take a couple of weeks to get things ironed out by the schools.  So be patient and give yourself plenty of travel time.

Distracted driving is anything that takes your hands off the wheel, your eyes off the road or mind off driving. It is extremely risky behavior that puts everyone in danger.

As of January 1, 2020, motorists can be issued a citation for not using a device in a hands-free manner in school and work zones.

Traffic enforcement is a priority year-round. However, this upcoming week, the traffic unit will be conducting a county-wide school zone saturation aiming to educate drivers on school-zone safety.

My hope for this upcoming school year is for educational growth, new friendships fostered, and above all else, I hope for the safety of all.

Stay Safe.  

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