New Year, New Goals

From the desk of Sheriff Prummell-

It’s a brand-new year Charlotte County! One that will hopefully bring joy and prosperity back to our community. Each trip around the sun brings a renewed sense of possibility, encouraging some kind of change for improvement.

One improvement for us in 2021, is that all CCSO deputies will have body-worn cameras. This is being done in response to your concerns, as well as to protect my men and women who are working hard to keep Charlotte County safe. We strive for transparency, and this is one more way to make it happen.

We hope to get back to face-to-face, positive interactions this year. I am eager to do the things we couldn’t do in 2020, such as the Citizen’s Police Academy, Coffee with a Cop, Cops and Goblins, and more. All of these events provide invaluable opportunities for us to connect. As soon as it is safe to do so, we will bring these great events back.

I look forward to expanding on our programs in 2021. I anticipate increasing participation in the Senior Outreach Program, which just launched last year. The feedback from this initiative has been overwhelmingly positive and has even inspired other agencies in the state to follow our lead. I also hope to include more kids in the annual Shop With A Cop this year, as this program always makes a lasting impression on them and on my staff.

While it is exciting to turn the page on 2020, we mustn’t forget the hardships it brought. Those challenges are still with us today. So, as anxious as we may be to get back to “normal,” we have to take it one step at a time and be responsible to make sure we all get there the right way.

Let’s continue to look out for each other and make 2021 Charlotte County’s comeback year.

Be safe, stay strong.

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