Providing crucial services to inmates in the midst of COVID-19

The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office Detention Bureau provides numerous programs to help inmates while in custody. Currently the agency is providing Substance Abuse, Batters Intervention, Anger Management, Parenting, Jobs for Life, GED, and various digital courses through North American Learning Institute on the Inmate Communication Devices.  Pandemic restrictions have unfortunately created challenges by limiting in-person interactions with community providers. The Charlotte County jail has looked for new ways to coordinate services for those in custody, as well as those pending return into the community.

Several Inmates participate in Yoga instruction

On January 05, 2021, the Charlotte County Jail implemented a new Virtual screening and Coordinated Re-entry Program. Utilizing a screening tool, inmates’ individual needs are immediately identified upon Intake and are referred for services that may be available while incarcerated. Further, through continued partnership with Charlotte County Human Services and the Gulf Coast Partnership, Inmates will be referred for interviewing and coordinated re-entry services. They are provided information and assisted in obtaining resources available in the community upon release.

This new process seeks to provide helpful information to the inmate, that can guide the inmate in the right direction of recidivism.

“Our mission continues to be partnering with community resources and providing services that can improve not only the quality of life for all inmates entering and leaving the Charlotte County Jail, but reduce the chances of reincarceration.”

Sheriff Bill Prummell

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