Headlight violation exposes illegal drug operation, Suspects distribute illegal Mexican pharmaceuticals

Charlotte County, FL-

After a vehicle was observed traveling on Tamiami Trail near Toledo Blade Blvd. without a working headlight, a night shift Sergeant conducted a traffic stop on the white F-150 around 1:00AM. The driver of the F-150 was identified as Esteban G. Garcia (05/06/1955). Additionally, his passenger was identified as Lorenzo A. Martinez (09/05/1969).

Lorenzo A. Martinez (09/05/1969)

Due to a language barrier, a bilingual deputy arrived on scene to assist with translation.

While the truck was pulled over, members noticed several boxes on the backseat labeled “Tramadol”, which is a known controlled substance. Both Garcia and Martinez agreed to a search of the vehicle.

As members searched the truck, they located numerous different types of prescription pills. All of the packaging of the pills were in Spanish which would clarify that they were bought in Mexico. The following is what was additionally located which requires a prescription to possess:

· Loratadina Ambroxol (100 mg / 600mg)
· Ebromin Ambroxol (15 mg)
· Diclofenaco (100 mg)
· Loxcell (Quinfamida, Albendazol) (100 mg/ 200 mg)
· Ketorlaco (10 mg)
· Caridoxen (Naproxen, Carisopradol) (250mg)
· Floroglucinol Trimetilfloroglucinol (80 mg)
· Puribel (Alopurinol) (300 mg)
· Trociletas (1.45 mg)
· Pentiver (Ampicilina) (500 mg)
· Carbafen (Methocarbamol) (400 mg)
· Volfenac (100 mg)
· Adivitor (Atorvastatine) (20 mg)
· Bianol (Alopurinol) (300 mg)
· Loxcell NF (Albendazol, Quinfamida) (400 mg)
· Ciprofloxacino (500 mg)
· Dolo-Neurobian Injection
· Soltadol Paracetamol (750 mg)
· Amoxacillin (Augmentin) (875 mg)
· Dison’s Dex (5 mg)
· Proxsaflo (Levofloxacino) (500 mg)
· Flovent (Fluticasone propionate) (110 mg)
· Albuterol Sulfate (200 mg)
· Sibofix (Levofloxacino) (500 mg)
· Popram (Pantoprazol Tablets) (40 mg)
· Premagnol (Prednisone) (5 mg)
· Erispon Compuesto (Loratadina, Betametasona) (5 mg)

Members also located and seized over $5,200.00 in U.S. Currency. The two suspects travel back and forth to Mexico to retrieve the medication and bring back to the states for distribution.

Esteban G. Garcia (05/06/1955) and Lorenzo A. Martinez (09/05/1969) were both charged with 27 counts of Possession with Intent to Sell New Legend Drug without Prescription, 1 count of Possession of Controlled Substance with Intent to Sell, and 1 count of Other controlled substance Schedule 3 or 4 – Bring into State. 

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