Traffic Stop, Suspicious Behavior Lead to Search and Arrest of 2

On Saturday, May 8, a Charlotte County deputy observed a red SUV fail to stop at a stop sign. He activated his lights and siren to conduct a traffic stop. Despite the lights and siren being activated, the vehicle continued, and the deputy observed the driver making several unusual movements before finally pulling over. Once the deputy approached, he noticed the front windshield was completely missing and the driver, Tiffany Carmello (02/14/1987) appeared very nervous and fidgety. Additionally, there were several knives within reach of both the driver and passenger (Anel Estremera, 12/28/1983). Seeing this, the deputy asked Tiffany and Anel to exit the vehicle.

As Tiffany exited the vehicle, she reached down and adjusted something in her waist area. The deputy also noticed some items in the vehicle which are commonly associated with the smoking of crack-cocaine. Based on his experience and observations of physical evidence and Tiffany’s behavior, the deputy had reason to believe that there may be narcotics present.

K9 Shadow alerted positively to the vehicle, confirming the deputy’s suspicion. During a search, the deputy located a glass smoking pipe with white residue and a small, pink pouch containing a trace amount of white powder. Both of these items tested positive for cocaine.

Due to the findings and Tiffany’s behavior, the deputy informed Tiffany that he suspected she was concealing more paraphernalia. He requested a female deputy respond to conduct a search of Tiffany’s person. The female deputy arrived and conducted the search, which ultimately led to Tiffany admitting that she was concealing more items in her groin area. Tiffany then removed two glass pipes and a small glass container, which contained a white substance and a small baggie of a crystal-like substance. The white substance tested positive for crack-cocaine, and the crystal substance was determined to be methamphetamine.

Tiffany was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance (x2) and possession of drug paraphernalia. She was also issued a warning for the traffic violation.

The passenger, Anel, was arrested and charged with possession of drug paraphernalia. Anel was determined to currently be out on bond for fleeing to elude from a previous incident.

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