2 Separate Suspects, 2 Separate Thefts, Same Method Used

On Saturday, June 12, a man entered the Walmart on S. McCall Rd. in Englewood and proceeded to remove a Shark vacuum cleaner from its box and put it into a large blue cooler he had taken from the sporting goods section. The suspect also pulled the tag off of a gray Under Armour ballcap and placed it on his head before checking out and paying for some items. He concealed the cooler, which contained the vacuum cleaner, from the cashier’s view and exited the building, passing all other points of sale. Using video surveillance footage, the suspect was identified as Brian Diebold (12/26/1980) of Englewood.

Brian M. Diebold (12/26/1980)

Diebold was contacted via phone and agreed to meet with deputies at the District 1 office. He arrived in a work vehicle, so the employer responded to retrieve it. At that time, a waiver of search was signed and deputies located a cooler and a gray Under Armour hat inside, which matched the stolen items in surveillance video obtained. Additionally, an American flag lanyard, worn by the suspect in the video, was found in the vehicle. The vacuum was not located.

Due to the physical evidence located and the clear surveillance video, Brian Diebold was arrested and charged with petit theft.

2 weeks later…

On Saturday, June 26, a man entered the Walmart in Murdock Circle and placed a red cooler in his cart. The subject, later identified as Johnathan Hartman (10/9/1987), is seen on security video collecting and concealing numerous items inside the cooler as he made his way around the store. He also placed a fan in the cart and exited through the Garden Center, passing all points of sale.

After leaving with the items, Hartman walked back to the Garden Center empty-handed, where he was taken into custody by a CCSO deputy. A subsequent search of his person revealed a glass pipe in his pocket with white residue, which tested positive for methamphetamine. The red cooler was located across the street in the Target truck-loading area with the stolen items inside.

Johnathan Hartman (10/9/1987)

Hartman’s criminal history revealed 5 separate incidents of previous theft. Due to the physical evidence and surveillance video, Johnathan Hartman was placed under arrest and charged with petit theft and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Brian Diebold is currently out on bond for $2,500.

At the time of this post, Hartman is being held at the Charlotte County Jail with a bond set at $5,000.

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