CCSO creates special program for special people

Charlotte County, FL – April 29, 2022

The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office releases free new program for
community members with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Asperger’s, Alzheimer’s
Disease, or similar disorders.

The new ‘Handle with Care’ decal will alert deputies to the
possible presence of someone with a communication disability either inside a
home or vehicle. This will allow deputies to consider how they approach and
interact with the occupants inside and the mannerism of those individuals.

“This program, along with our hearing-impaired program, will assist
deputies in providing professional service and provide prior knowledge of
potential communication barriers,” says Sheriff Bill Prummell.

Anyone interested in the free Handle with Care program can pick up a decal
at any district office. No medical documentation is required to enroll, and no
personal information will be taken.

To utilize this decal, we ask that you position it on the back of your
vehicle or front of your home.

Englewood District 1 Office
11051 Willmington Boulevard
Englewood, Florida 34224

District 2 Office
992 Tamiami Trail Suite A
Port Charlotte, Florida 33948

District 3 Office
3110 Loveland Blvd.
Port Charlotte, Florida 33980

District 4 Office
7474 Utilities Road
Punta Gorda, Florida 33982
(941) 639-2101 (business)

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