Explorer Post 29 complete Law Enforcement Exploring Academy

Charlotte County, FL – July 29, 2022

Members of the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office Explorer Post 29 were able to learn and enhance their skills in various Law Enforcement training events and received their CPR certification during the 2022 Law Enforcement Exploring Academy.

Explorers visited the Justice Center, Emergency Operations Center, the Fire/EMS training facilities and the Boy Scouts of America Camp: Camp Miles, where they will be participating in various activities throughout the year.

“Through involvement with the Explorer program, the participants develop in areas of character building, leadership development and appreciation for the community and good citizenship,” says Sheriff Bill Prummell.

Explorers also received first-hand knowledge on the various CCSO specialty units such as K-9, Aviation, the Real-Time Intelligence Center, and visited Forensics, Communications Units and a tour of the County Jail. Additionally, they met our CCSO Recruiter who explained the different career opportunities within our agency and answered questions on the hiring process.

Senior Post Advisor DFC H. Morales said, “I wanted them to have fun and learn something new everyday as most of the participants this year are new to the program.  As the days passed, I was able to see we were accomplishing that goal. I can’t express enough how grateful I am for our CCSO family, Sheriff Prummell’s leadership, and various community organizations who have helped make this academy a memorable experience for our future leaders.” 

The Exploring Program is a co-ed youth program for students 13-19 years of age who are interested in a career in Law Enforcement. To learn more about the CCSO Explorers program and how to join visit:  https://www.ccso.org/AboutUs/explorers.cfm

To view photos of Explorer Post 29 in action click here!

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