Charlotte County Jail Hurricane Ian Update

Charlotte County, FL – October 4, 2022

The Charlotte County Jail sustained damage during Hurricane Ian. None of the main structures were damaged; however, there were multiple issues with electricity, water, minimal flooding, and fan units ripped from the roof. During this event, all the detainees were secured in their housing areas and multiple detention deputies were assigned to assure their safety.

Throughout this time, there has been consistent food service and delivery of palatable water. The types of diet were changed during the initial emergency event and transitioned back to the normal dietary plan as soon as the electricity was stabilized by FPL. Water has been received through Emergency Management and is being delivered with the meals. 

Charlotte County continues to be under a boil water order. The facility kitchen boils the water and stores it for additional food service. We are expecting a water truck to further sustain and provide services.

The building is receiving repairs and we are working on assuring contact is being made to assure safety.  The Comcast outage has our detainee phones down and inmate communication devices down. We are working with companies to ensure these systems are up as soon as possible and creating emergency workarounds. In the interim we are collecting numbers from the detainees and using staff to call the numbers given to create a method of communication. Please do not call the facility for transfer and communication. We are working hard to ensure everyone gets an opportunity to communicate and incoming calls prolong that effort.

There continues to be a large amount of detention deputies and medical staff in service to ensure that all of our detainees are safe and cared for. We will provide an update when the phones, communications devices, and visitation are back up and running. 

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