PC Man Arrested with Trafficking Amount of Fentanyl/Cocaine

February 21, 2023 – Port Charlotte, FL

A Port Charlotte man was arrested after running a stop sign while driving with a suspended license, carrying a trafficking amount of suspected fentanyl and over $15k in cash.

On the afternoon of Friday, February 17, 2023, a deputy observed a black BMW fail to stop at a stop sign at the intersection of Delake Ave. and Yorkshire St. in Port Charlotte. The deputy activated his emergency lights and conducted a stop of the vehicle. The driver, identified as Zachary Laflair (7/25/1988), could not produce a driver’s license, stating that he did not have it on him. The deputy was familiar with Laflair and knew that his license was suspended, at which time he informed the driver that he would be placed under arrest for knowingly driving with a suspended license.

As the deputy searched Laflair’s person, he located a baggie in his front pocket that contained 14.2 g of a white, powdery substance. This substance tested positive for both cocaine and fentanyl. The total weight of this substance is more than 3x the amount to constitute a fentanyl trafficking charge.

Zachary Laflair (7/25/1988)

As deputies searched the vehicle, they located a brown satchel on the front passenger seat, which contained a large amount of currency and a small amount (5.3g) of marijuana. The majority of the money appeared to be bundled in $1,000 increments exceeding $15,000.

“It’s really simple – take your poison and get out of Charlotte County. It isn’t if we’ll find you, it’s when we’ll find you. I promise, you will not enjoy the stay at Airport Rd.”

Sheriff Prummell

Zachary Laflair was transported to the Charlotte County Jail and is being held on $525,000 bond. He is charged with:

  • Trafficking fentanyl
  • Possession of cocaine
  • Manufacture/deliver drug paraphernalia
  • Possession of marijuana less than 20g
  • Knowingly driving with suspended license

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  1. Great job by the Sheriffs office taking them down one at a time. I’m sure the word on the streets are stay away from Charlotte County they will find you and arrest you. Drug dealers know it’s not worth dealing their drugs in Charlotte County!

    Great work Sheriff Prummell!

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