Suspect Arrested on Robbery Charges Stemming from E-Commerce Transaction

A suspect is in custody for a robbery that stemmed from an e-commerce transaction in Port Charlotte. Suspect Datiki Tyler (DOB 1/05/99) was arrested Thursday evening by the Desoto County Sheriff’s Office on a warrant issued by the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office.

On September 23rd deputies responded to Yucatan Circle for a reported robbery. The victims reported that they arranged to sell two iPhones using the e-commerce app Letitgo. The purchaser, a black female known only by her screenname “Adore Love”, requested to meet for the purchase at an address on Yucatan Circle, and was standing in the driveway with a black male when the victims arrived. The two “purchasers” then snatched the phones from the victims’ hands and fled the scene.

Investigators were able to obtain the female suspect’s fingerprints from the iPhone box that the victim was able to retain during the robbery. The description of the female suspect matched the description provided by victims in two previous cell phone thefts involving the e-commerce app OfferUp. Photos on Datiki Tyler’s Facebook profile matching the photos on the OfferUp profile were also located. The victims in the Yucatan robbery were able to identify Datiki Tyler in a photo lineup. A warrant was issued for Datiki Tyler’s arrest as she was unable to be located in Charlotte County. Desoto County Sheriff’s Office located Datiki Tyler. She was arrested and transported to the Desoto County Jail.

The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office encourages you to be safe when conducting business transactions resulting from online commerce. The Sheriff’s Office has designated areas at every District Office as E-Commerce Exchange Safe Zones for customers meeting with individuals to transact business resulting from online deals.

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