Quarterly Awards Recognize Exceptional Employees and Raise Funds for Florida Sheriffs Association Youth Ranch

The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office held their quarterly awards ceremony on Friday, honoring Members of the Quarter and Life Saver Recognitions. The event was sponsored by and held at Cheney Brothers, with all proceeds from the lunch benefiting the Florida Sheriffs Association Youth Ranch.

Members of the Quarter

Law Enforcement – Deputy First Class Adam Herrey

DSCN1017DFC Herrey was recognized for his handling of a juvenile that was threatening suicide. Upon arrival to the juvenile’s residence, the juvenile was located in his bedroom, sitting on his bed and holding a 4-inch knife to his throat.

Deputy Herrey attempted to establish a verbal dialog with the juvenile from a safe distance, but the juvenile would not speak and stared blankly down at the floor. Deputy Herrey continued to talk to the juvenile, with a caring tone and eventually began to hear the subject’s breathing begin to calm. He changed topics several times and used the pace of the juveniles breathing to gauge what techniques and topics were effective. He reassured the juvenile that he was there to help and that he didn’t want any harm to come to him. After approximately 15 minutes of Deputy Herrey speaking to the juvenile without response, the juvenile suddenly lowered the knife from his throat and dropped it to the ground. The juvenile was subsequently taken into protective custody under a Baker Act.

Deputy Herrey’s patience and calm verbal tone had a direct impact on the juvenile’s decision to surrender the knife and not cause any harm to himself. His actions prevented any injury to the distraught juvenile and deputies on the scene of the call. Deputy Herrey demonstrated professionalism and compassion during such a stressful situation.

Detention – Corrections Deputy First Class Steven Dargis

DSCN1020CDFC Steven Dargis has worked for CCSO since January of 2010. He can always be relied upon to show up for work with a positive attitude.  He has a team spirit and is always willing to help his co-workers, as well as, his supervisors.  He is consistent in his work ethic and is constantly moving and working within his unit.  Dargis is both trained as a Housing Deputy and an Intake Deputy, which makes him an asset in the jail.  CDFC Dargis has excellent interpersonal skills, which he uses daily. He is able to defuse situations easily because of his rapport with the inmate population.

During the month of March, CDFC Steven Dargis was assigned to K-1 Housing Unit. While he was assigned to this housing unit he followed through on the initiative to reduce the introduction and possession of contraband. With this effort, he wrote 29 reports during the month in regards to searching cells, finding and removing contraband items, as well as enforcing the Jail rules, and writing disciplinary reports.

Through this he inquired as to how some of the items he was finding were making their way into the units.  He gained intel by being out from behind his desk and walking around his housing unit and speaking with the inmates.  CDFC Dargis was able to find some actionable intelligence on the introduction and location of nuisance contraband and was able to share this information with the entire Detention Bureau.

His hard work and dedication as well as his passion for what he does is truly appreciated and he is well deserved of some recognition for a job well done.

Civilian – Purchasing Agent Beth Mitchell

DSCN1022Beth became a member of the CCSO family in April 2000. In February 2002, she became the Purchasing Agent for the agency and in recent years the back-up Extra Duty Detail Coordinator. Beth’s primary responsibility has been to ensure the agency purchases items at the best possible price as well as in a timely and efficient manner.

Beth has built positive relationships with the Off-Duty Detail vendors as well as the deputies ensuring everyone’s needs are met. Beth has been so proactive towards the additional duties assigned to her that she identified and implemented processes that are more efficient, including a meeting with a key vendor so she could better understand their security needs.

Beth’s work ethic, positive attitude, and readiness to step up this past few months has been invaluable to our team.

Life Saver Recognition

Deputy First Class Matthew Hauschild & Deputy First Class Cody Hollingsworth 

DFC Hollingsworth with Sheriff Prummell (DFC Hauschild not pictured)

DFC Matthew Hauschild and his trainee, Deputy Cody Hollingsworth, were the first units to arrive on scene of an 88-year old man who was choking. They assessed the patient and found him unconscious with a weak pulse and his throat still clogged with food.

Deputy Hollingsworth cleared the airway while DFC Hauschild began providing chest compressions, during which time no pulse was observed. They continued their life saving efforts and were able to clear the airway to the best of their ability until Charlotte County Fire/EMS arrived. Fortunately, he regained a pulse prior to being transported to a local hospital. He is expected to make a full recovery.

Without the quick actions of DFC Matthew Hauschild and Deputy Cody Hollingsworth, the outcome of the situation could have ended in a worse result. Their quick actions and life-saving efforts are commended.


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