Arrest Made in Theft of More than $20K

Detectives from the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office Detective Division have arrested and charged the below named persons, David Lee Harmon, dob 4/11/1963 and Samantha Labbe, dob 5/26/1990 with Grand Theft More than $20K Less than $100K and Dealing Traffic Stolen Property. Both of these charges are Felonies. The victim, an elderly female, allowed Harmon and Labbe, to move into her home. Harmon was allowed by the victim to work for her as a means to pay his rent there.

Shortly thereafter, Harmon advised the victim that he and Labbe needed to go to New England to tend to some personal business. It was at that time that the victim discovered she was missing several pieces of jewelry, firearms and some precious metals.

After a comprehensive investigation, Detectives were able to garner enough probable cause to affect an arrest of both Harmon and Labbe and they charged as noted.

David Lee Harmon
dob 4//11/1963

Samantha Labbe
dob 5/26/1990

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