Three Suspects Arrested for Construction Site Theft

Three suspects were arrested and charged with burglary after an alert citizen called to report their suspicious behavior on Friday night. The three suspects, all from Sarasota, were observed by the witness removing bags of cement from a construction site on Caroline Drive in Port Charlotte.

The box truck with the cement bags inside.

The witness called the Sheriff’s Office to report their observations which led to a traffic stop on the suspect’s box truck as it was leaving the scene and driving erratically. The bags of cement were observed by the deputy through a hole in the truck’s rear door. The three suspects were interviewed by deputies prior to their arrests for the theft. Elessandro De Oliveira E Silva (11/30/88), Hudson Assis Do Carmo (11/20/82), and Jose Dis Fernandes De Souza (10/20/69) were arrested for Trespassing on a Posted Construction Site and Grand Theft from a Posted Construction Site.

Our safe community is a collaborative effort between law enforcement and residents. Remain vigilant and report suspicious activity in your neighborhood to the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office by dialing 941-639-0013.

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