Charlotte County Jail Partners with Habitat for Humanity; Detainees Participate in Home Builds

The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office has partnered with Habitat for Humanity to provide jail detainees the opportunity to learn new job skills by participating in home builds with the organization. Through a new program, detainees are able to receive on the job training with the Habitat for Humanity construction managers.

The program’s first build began in August with a team of male detainees, with females building in the month of September. Approximately 10 detainees are able to participate on each build day and are supervised by Detention staff. Under the supervision of the construction managers, the participants learn the correct and safe way to complete each task in the home’s completion. “Overall, the program allows detainees to learn a skill, while also giving back to the community,” stated Lt. Jessica Long, Support Services Commander in the Bureau of Detention. “It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved”.

The team raises the first wall on the new home alongside the future homeowner, who is also required to put sweat equity into the construction.

Partnerships between jail facilities and Habitat for Humanity have been successfully implemented for years as a way to reduce recidivism. “In addition to learning a new trade, this partnership allows the detainees to participate in a program that can give them a sense of accomplishment,” stated Sheriff Bill Prummell. “It provides them options upon their release to seek employment in fields for which they now have experience.”

Mike Mansfield, the Chief Executive Officer of Charlotte County Habitat for Humanity, is also pleased with the program’s progress. “This program helps Habitat serve more families while also helping the detainees learn new skills that they can use upon release,” stated Mansfield. “Detainees learn about the Habitat home ownership program as well as ways they can engage with Habitat as volunteers. I believe this partnership benefits Habitat, detainees, and the community as well. We look forward to a continued relationship with the Sheriff’s Office.”

This program compliments a long-standing partnership between CCSO and Habitat for Humanity, the Detainee Plant Program. Through this program, female detainees take donated plants in need of resuscitation and create arrangements for newly completed homes. The plants are presented during the home dedication ceremonies.

Interested in learning more about Habitat for Humanity? Visit their website by clicking here!

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  1. Very proud of The sheriff this is just what some of these people need skills so they can provide for themselves great job Sheriff!

  2. This is a great idea to help everyone. People deserve a second chance. Now people will have the skills they need to succeed when the time comes.

  3. This is great. Everyone deserves a second chance. I was a union painter before I retired. If we pass on our knowledge we can help people stay employed. These people can turn this into lifelong skills.

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