Starlite Lane Murder Investigation; Updated 10/31/19

Update 10/31/19 – Sheriff Bill Prummell announces the filing of additional charges on Ryan Cole, related to the murder of Khlyer Edman. Ryan Cole is now charged with Second Degree Murder and First Degree Burglary with Assault of Battery.

Update 10/9/19 – Update from Sheriff Bill Prummell on the status of the investigation into the death of Khyler Edman.

“Our Major Crimes Detectives are continuing to work with the State Attorney’s Office on the investigation into suspect Ryan Cole’s involvement in the death of Khyler Edman. Ryan Cole is currently in custody at the Charlotte County Jail on other charges related to his actions that evening and does not have a bond. As he is already in custody, investigators have the opportunity to review evidence that has been processed as well as wait for results on additional pieces of evidence. These results are also being discussed with and reviewed by the State Attorney. This thorough process on behalf of our team and the State Attorney’s Office will ensure that when additional charges are filed on Ryan Cole, they will address all of his criminal actions that evening.  I appreciate the support and respect our community has shown for everyone affected by this tragic crime.”

Sheriff Bill Prummell

Update 9/30/19 – The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office can confirm the identity of the deceased as Khyler Edman. We request that the community and media continue to give the family privacy as they grieve. Their information will continue to be withheld under Marsy’s Law protections.

Khyler Edman

Should you wish to support the family with their expenses related to this tragedy, there is a GoFundMe account set up on their behalf by Crystal Stone. You can reach that fundraiser by clicking this link. Crystal can be reached by email for any other offers of assistance.

Detectives are continuing to work closely with the State Attorney’s Office on this investigation. The scene was released on Saturday but residents in the area may continue to observe law enforcement activity as the investigation progresses.

His family has provided this photo of Khyler. 

Original Post:

Sheriff Prummell briefs the media on the status of the investigation. (9/27/19 11:30am)

The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office is currently conducting an investigation into the death of a juvenile, discovered in a residence during an investigation into a reported injured male who was running through the neighborhood in the area of Starlite Lane and Olean Blvd in Port Charlotte.

Deputies initially responded to the neighborhood at 4:00pm on Thursday for reports of an injured white male walking in the streets. As deputies arrived in the area, the subject ran behind a residence on Starlite Lane, crossing the canal towards Conway Blvd. At that time an additional 911 call came in from a residence on Conway. The caller stated that an unknown male entered his home. Deputies responded to the Conway residence and after a short foot pursuit were able to take the male into custody. The male was identified as Ryan Clayton Cole (DOB 12/31/1991). Cole was observed to have several stab wounds on his hands and side. He was transported to a hospital for medical treatment.

During a canvas of the area, it was discovered that an additional burglary took place on Starlite Lane. A deceased juvenile was located in that home. An additional juvenile was located in the residence, uninjured. It is believed that Cole received his injuries inside the same residence during a violent encounter. The burglary victim from Conway Blvd provided a description of Ryan Cole as the person who entered his home. Another witness on Starlite Lane described seeing a man on the street holding a knife and covered in blood. That witness identified Cole in a photo lineup.

Ryan Cole is currently charged with Burglary of an Occupied Dwelling and Petit Theft for the incident on Conway. The Starlite Lane scene is still under investigation for additional charges related to the death investigation.

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  1. eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, life for a life
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  3. We need the best solid case against Ryan Cole so he doesnt walk our streets ever again…Be patient..It will happen…..

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