CCSO Adopts Automated Secure Alarm Protocol; Program Reduces Response Times in Emergencies

Charlotte County is one of the latest communities to go live with Automated Secure Alarm Protocol (ASAP), a technology that automates communication between alarm monitoring central stations and 911 centers, resulting in improved accuracy and speed of emergency response. The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office is the 5th Emergency Communications Center in the State of Florida to adopt this program.  The ASAP program allows alarm companies to send alarm call information via computer system rather than relaying information by telephone.

The use of ASAP results in the following benefits for monitored alarm users and first responders:

  • Less phone calls to emergency response centers. Alarm monitoring center data is passed to public safety dispatch / 911 operators electronically within seconds and then provided to first responders upon dispatch.
  • Quicker processing times. Data doesn’t have to be input manually or communicated verbally, resulting in reduced hold times and faster responses.
  • Greater accuracy of information transmitted. Electronic transmission of data reduces chances for errors.

There are currently nine alarm companies doing business in Charlotte County that have interfaced with the ASAP System. Alarm calls being transferred through this system from the alarm company to the emergency communications center include law enforcement, medical and fire related responses.  

“In an emergency, every second matters,” stated Sheriff Bill Prummell. “The implementation of this ASAP technology will lead to faster and more accurate emergency responses to alarm company notifications.”

As this system becomes more common, additional alarm companies are expected to participate. Homeowners are encouraged to contact their alarm company and encourage them to participate in this program.

Alarm company representatives can obtain more information on how to become an ASAP partner by contacting the E911 Office at the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office (941-575-5339).

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