CCSO Partners with Ring Neighbors App

The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office has partnered with the Ring Neighbors App to enhance communication between investigators and residents. This free app is a way for residents to provide each other alerts in real-time about suspicious or crime-related events in their neighborhood. Through the partnership, Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office detectives are now able to communicate with the residents using the app by submitting requests for video footage and information relevant to their investigations.

Once downloaded, residents can join their digital neighborhood and use the app to view neighborhood activity, share crime and safety-related videos or photos, and receive regional safety alerts from their neighbors, local law enforcement and the Ring team.

Users can download the Neighbors app for free to create their custom neighborhood and use it to stay updated on crime and safety in their local area. Creating a specific neighborhood allows neighbors to receive alerts for the specific area they care about.

Neighbors can stay connected with their community by commenting and sharing information on posts. Neighbors app users do not need a Ring device to join the conversation.

Download ‘Neighbors’ for iOS and Android

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