Burglar, Shot by Homeowner, Calls Law Enforcement for Medical Assistance

A suspect in an occupied burglary was shot by the homeowner during a physical struggle Thursday evening on the 100 block of Strasburg Drive. The suspect, identified as Jessica Gutzler (DOB 10/3/79), fled the scene but later called 911 asking for medical assistance. She was taken into custody for medical treatment at that time, and will also face criminal charges.

At approximately 7:00pm, deputies began responding to a 911 call from an individual inside the Strasburg residence, advising that a woman known to them as “Jessica” had forced entry into the residence through the front door and was now in a physical altercation with the homeowner. During the physical attack, the homeowner fired a round from their handgun, striking the suspect in the lower left back. The altercation ceased at that point as the suspect released physical control of the homeowner’s arms.

The suspect fled the scene and deputies began a search of the area while also taking statements from the two victims inside the residence. It was quickly determined that the suspect was known to them and had come to the house to engage in a fight. During this time of investigation, Jessica Gutzler called 911 and requested medical assistance. She was located in the area of Strasburg Drive and Seaton Avenue and transported to a medical facility for her injury.

The residence was processed for evidence, and the physical evidence (including the injury to Gutzler) was consistent with the two victim’s descriptions of the incident and altercation.

Jessica Gutzler will be charged with Burglary of an Occupied Dwelling – Unarmed, Making an Assault or Battery upon her release from medical care.

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