Domestic Violence Unit Launches Initiative to Educate Offenders and Empower Survivors

The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office Domestic Violence Unit (DVU) has launched Operation End the Silence & Stop the Violence, an initiative focused on educating offenders and preventing future violence in their homes.

Last week, domestic violence offenders were served by deputies with letters from the Sheriff’s Office that advised them of the zero-tolerance policy for violent domestic actions. The deputy spoke to each person about the purpose of the letters, and checked in on their status post-arrest. Subjects who received the letters varied from first time offenders to repeat offenders. The goal of the letters, which will continue to be served upon suspects in domestic violence cases, is to educate those who have offended make them aware of the Sheriff’s initiative to prevent this type of violence. Letters are additionally served to the survivors of domestic violence, providing information on the resources available to them and encouragement to seek help when necessary.

The goal of our Domestic Violence Unit and its members is to reduce the prevalence of violence in the community. The Domestic Violence Investigator acts as a liaison between patrol deputies and the State Attorney’s Office after a domestic violence arrest, providing additional investigation information and follow-up when required. Beyond prosecution, the Domestic Violence Unit also monitors repeat or ‘High Risk’ Domestic Violence Offenders that have committed serious violent acts or shown a prevalence for violence. If a root cause of the disturbances can be identified, the investigator attempts to offer services from community partners that can alleviate the conflict.

“The purpose of this monitoring system/protocol is to change the behavior of the offender by stripping them of their anonymity and putting them on notice,” stated Sheriff Bill Prummell. “It creates swift, certain and predictable consequences for offending in Charlotte County and notifies the offender that there is zero-tolerance for the decision to re-offend.”

If you or someone you know is need of assistance, please seek help.
Contact the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office at 941-639-2101 or the Center for Abuse and Rape Emergencies at 941-637-0404 .

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