International SWAT Awards

Members of the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office Special Weapons and Tactics team recently attended SWAT Round-Up International (SRI), which is a competitive training event hosted by the Florida SWAT Association (FSA) in Orange County, Florida . This event is open to certified police SWAT teams, 58 teams from around the world participate. SRI is a week-long event of comprehensive classroom lectures and presentations, with three (3) days of intense job-related range training and competition. Throughout the week, SRI also hosts individual events for members to showcase their skills. Corporal Michael Talbot accepted the challenge and competed in two very grueling events; Super SWAT Cop (50 competitors) and FSA Firearms Challenge (75 competitors).

After showcasing his talents and skills set, he finished 2nd in both events. His performance in this competitive training environment highlights his dedication and preparation for a critical event in our community requiring unique skills. The team respectfully finished 25th out of 58 teams, which was the best in our Region. We are very proud of their performance and success at these unique training events!

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