Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office District Office Closures

The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office announces the temporary closure of some of their District Offices. Beginning Monday, the District #1 Office located on Willmington Blvd. Englewood, the District #2 Office at 992 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte in the Murdock section and the District #4 Office, located at 7474 Utilities Dr., Punta Gorda, will be closed to all foot traffic and walk-in service. The District #3 Office, located at 3110 Loveland Blvd., Port Charlotte will remain open for limited service during normal business hours. Those hours will be from 8:30 am until 5:00 pm Monday to Friday. Should you have an immediate and urgent need of assistance, please dial 911.

This decision was made to lessen exposure to not only our staff but also to the general public as the county continues to be vigilant in it’s unprecedented battle against COVID-19.

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