How and When to Wear Gloves

Unfortunately, when individuals use gloves while grocery shopping, pumping gas, or other activities, the majority of the time the proper care is not taken to then dispose of those gloves prior to touching your face or getting into your vehicle. This defeats the purpose of using gloves.

The most effective way to rid your hands from germs is by washing your hands with soap and water. Avoid touching unnecessary items in public and to sanitize surfaces prior to using them such as shopping carts.

Gloves are not a substitute for washing your hands and if people cannot stop touching their faces, phones, keys, etc, than they serve no purpose.

Wearing gloves within a Healthcare Environment according to the CDC:

  • Wear gloves, according to Standard Precautions, when it can be reasonably anticipated that contact with blood or other potentially infectious materials, mucous membranes, non-intact skin, potentially contaminated skin or contaminated equipment could occur.
  • Gloves are not a substitute for hand hygiene.
    • If your task requires gloves, perform hand hygiene prior to donning gloves, before touching the patient or the patient environment.
    • Perform hand hygiene immediately after removing gloves.
  • Change gloves and perform hand hygiene during patient care, if
    • gloves become damaged,
    • gloves become visibly soiled with blood or body fluids following a task,
    • moving from work on a soiled body site to a clean body site on the same patient or if another clinical indication for hand hygiene occurs.
  • Never wear the same pair of gloves in the care of more than one patient.
  • Carefully remove gloves to prevent hand contamination.

The CDC recommends washing your hands often with soap and water for 20 seconds or longer. Hand sanitizer should be at least 60% alcohol.

Practice social distancing keeping 6 ft between others. Avoid handshakes, hugs, large gatherings and close quarters.

The COVID-19 call center is available 24/7 by dialing 1-(866)-779-6121.

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