DNA Breakthrough in November 2019 Ollie’s Pond Attempted Kidnapping Case; Suspect Arrested

On November 07, 2019, at approximately 6:45 am, an attempted kidnapping occurred on York Avenue near the intersection of Felda Street and Ollies Pond Park in Port Charlotte.

The female victim was taking a morning run when an unknown man slapped her on the buttocks. When the victim turned around, she saw a male wearing a black ski mask made of wool. She described the Black American male as being about 5’10” tall, slender/muscular, and around early to mid twenties.

The suspect grabbed her by the hands, picked her up, dragged her into the woods, and slammed her onto the ground where he stood over her. The victim attempted to fight back but was unsuccessful with physical force. Fearfully, the victim attempted to talk the suspect down by asking questions and speaking spiritually. The suspect ultimately held her hand and told her to “go home.”

The victim suffered minor injuries prior to getting away from the attacker. Once the victim returned home, CCSO was contacted. The neighborhood was canvassed in search of a suspect matching the description with no success. Major Crimes Detectives gathered evidence to include the victims clothing. These clothes, would be the key to identifying the suspect.

Victor Brown Jr. (07/13/1996).

On the bottom of her running shirt was believed to be blood of the suspect. The blood was collected and sent off to be analyzed. On October 15, 2020, detectives received documentation from FDLE advising they had a CODIS hit which came back to a Victor Brown Jr. (07/13/1996).

After completing research on the suspect, detectives discovered he was living approximately fifteen hundred feet away from the incident location.

During the investigation, Major Crimes Detectives discovered that Victor Brown Jr. was on felony probation during the time of the crime.

Victor Brown Jr. was arrested on the evening of October 20, 2020 and remains in the Charlotte County Jail on the following charges:

  • Kidnapping a Person to Facilitate a Felony
  • Violation of probation or community control

Just a few days prior, on October 15, 2020, the same day DNA results were received, Brown was arrested for Loitering and Prowling, and Resisting Officer without Violence after a foot chase ensued in the area of Starlite Lane in Port Charlotte.

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