Port Charlotte Sex Offender Sentenced to 15 years

On November 6th, 2020, William Thomas appeared in court on past charges and was sentenced to 15 years Department of Corrections followed by 15 years sexual predator  probation.

William Henry Thomas (11/26/49)

The 2018 investigation began when the task force was alerted to suspicious activity occurring in chat rooms hosted by Chatango, a website that hosts live group chats. The CEO of the company, contacted the task force in regards to a group of individuals who were using Chatango’s chat application to discuss, distribute, and trade child pornography. Chatango advised that they had shut several of the sites down, but the group continued to make new ones, attempting to disguise their IP addresses.

Chatango estimated there were between two to four individuals who were continuing to create and host these chat rooms.  He reported that one of the individuals, who appeared to be a participant in the chat rooms, is located in the Port Charlotte, Florida area based on log information Chantango routinely collects. Information on the login names and IP addresses used by the individual were provided to the task force investigators.

Investigators reviewed the content of the chat rooms, gaining access to a video shared in the chat room through Dropfile links shared in the room. The video depicted a juvenile female performing sex acts. DFC Woelke was able to confirm that the IP address that provided the video link was assigned to a Comcast subscriber identified as Bill Thomas, of 233 Stebbins Terrace in Port Charlotte. A check of the address showed sex offender William Thomas registered to that same address.

On April 12, a search warrant was served on the Stebbins Terrace address. William Thomas requested an attorney prior to providing any statements. A search of his computer activity showed Williams had accounts on two chat/messaging programs, which he had not reported per his sex offender obligations.

During the search of the vehicle belonging to William, a pair of children’s panties (size 4) were located along with a pair of binoculars. Once the forensic examiner exploited the digital data from William’s laptop computer, the username associated with the video was located in the Chatango online application under the computer profile “bill”.

The FBI Fort Myers Child Exploitation and Human Trafficking Task Force arrested William Henry Thomas (11/26/49), on new charges in 2018. He was previously adjudicated guilty on December 20, 2002 in Charlotte County for Possession of Child Pornography. A Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office deputy, DFC Woelke, serves on this task force and participated in the investigation.

William Henry Thomas was placed under arrest (2018) and transported to the Charlotte County Jail on for 2 counts of:

  • Fail to Comply with Registration Law and 1 count of
  • Transmission of Pornography by Electronic Device by Person in Another State.

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