25-year-old arrested after showing teen a photo of his genitals inside Walmart

Port Charlotte, FL – January 28, 2022

Jonathan R. Thacker (07/23/1996) of Punta Gorda was taken into custody after showing a teen a photo of his erect penis in the electronic section of Walmart.

Jonathan R. Thacker (07/23/1996)

On January 14, deputies responded to the Kings Highway Walmart after the mother contacted CCSO reporting the inappropriate interaction between the man and her daughter. During the investigation, Major Crimes detectives reviewed Walmart surveillance footage from directly above the victim giving detectives an unobstructed view of the incident.

Footage shows Thacker looking at the victims backside while walking into the restroom. Less than a minute later, Thacker exits the restroom with his cellphone in his hand, clearly displaying a photo of his erect penis.

Thacker then places his cellphone on the shelf next to the victim. The victim quickly steps away keeping a safe distance between the two while utilizing her shopping cart as a barrier. The victim was attempting to call her mother when Thacker then picked up his cell phone and faced the screen directly towards her. He continued to display the photo while pretending to look at merchandise and tapping the shelf to get her attention.

After the victim moved further away from Thacker, he casually exited the store.

” I commend the victim for immediately recognizing the danger she was in and taking action. This type of inappropriate and disgusting behavior is not tolerated here. We must protect our children,” expressed Sheriff Bill Prummell.

Thacker was taken into custody on January 27, and transported to the Charlotte County Jail.

Jonathan R. Thacker is charged with distributing obscene material to a minor.

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