Canine Unit Enhances Training with Support from Charlotte Community Foundation

Canines at the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office are learning to use a new piece of equipment – one that can significantly reduce injuries while improving overall mental and physical vitality. The Canine Unit recently purchased a Dog Trotter, best described as a dog powered treadmill, through the Lillian J. Adams Fund for Animal Welfare. The fund, which provides annual support for the CCSO Canine Unit, is administered by the Charlotte Community Foundation.

K9 Anubis 2
K9 Anubis poses on the new Dog Trotter

There are many physical and mental benefits that can be achieved with dog treadmills.  Adding the Dog Trotter to the canine’s training regimen will increase cardiovascular health, focus energy, build muscles, assist in behavior modification, enhance obedience training, and improve the overall mental and physical vitality of the dogs. Research has also shown a reduction of training injuries to both the canine and their handler after the dog treadmill is introduced to their routine.

“This new tool allows us to do repetitive training in a controlled environment,” stated Sergeant Jason Doherty, who serves as supervisor of the Canine Unit. “Apprehension and obedience training can be hard on a canine’s joints and this can help lower the physical impact on their bodies. We are grateful for the support of the Charlotte Community Foundation which has provided us the opportunity to improve our training options.”

The Dog Trotter will also be utilized by canine teams from other agencies who train with the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office.

K9 Anubis
The canines are able to run at full speed in mock apprehension work. The decoy then moves into the apprehension, eliminating the impact experienced by both the dog and the decoy during training. 



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  1. Awesome for the K-9’s to keep up the cardio and muscle elasticity! Rehab at work.

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