Serial Vandal Caught Near Scene of Most Recent Crime

A construction crew on the 3000 block of Harbor Blvd has been tasked with re-laying concrete sidewalk slabs several times over the past few months. The concrete was laid correctly the first time, but in the overnight hours an unknown suspect was carving their initials in the wet concrete. On Tuesday, deputies responded again to the area for fresh carvings in the newly laid concrete.

The construction supervisor advised that their company is financially responsible for replacing the entire slab when something like this occurs – at a cost of $1,500-$2000 each. To date, the vandal who continued to carve variations of the initials “KC” (KC18, KC19, KC) had caused over $12,000 in damage to fresh concrete on the Harbor Blvd project.

Over the course of the project, the construction company installed cameras in the area, and obtained video of the most recent vandalism that led to Tuesday morning’s report. The construction supervisor advised deputies on scene that he believed the suspect was sitting on a bench near the project site. Deputies made contact with the suspect, identifying him as Kenneth Callow (4/10/64). Callow agreed to speak to Detectives and provided a statement to them (post-Miranda).

Kenneth Callow

The investigation determined Callow was staying in the area with his mother and frequently took walks past the construction area. Based on the witness statements, video surveillance, and Callow’s statement to Detectives, he was arrested and charged with three counts of Felony Criminal Mischief.

If you observe suspicious activity at a construction site, report it immediately by calling our non-emergency number, 941-639-0013. You can also snap a photo and submit a tip through our new mobile app, available for free download in both the Google Play and Apple Store.

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